Sophia Hutchinson | FAQ
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What am I paying for?

There is always a common misconception about price when it comes to professional photography – if only it was as simple as pushing a button! It’s not just the ‘photo’ you are purchasing but also the expertise, professional equipment and time for the artist who is creating the images. Once you have factored in the time to book, travel, set-up and complete the photo shoot, edit the images (each image takes an hour to edit) and then the image viewing session – that one to two hour shoot you booked is actually two to three days work. As the famous phrase goes, you get what you pay for and paying for a highly skilled (insured) photographer should bring you meticulously-crafted photos that you are proud to display and share for generations to come!

What is your photographic style

Pet portraits (studio or at a location) that are natural and spontaneous, with some controlled and more formal posed photograph when appropriate.

Does my pet need to be obedience trained?

Not at all. Basic obedience training will help to broaden the range of photographs we can attempt on the day but it is by no means a requirement! All my shoots are tailored to the pet, so if your pet is nervous, must be kept on a lead or reactive, let me know and we can make sure the environment is safe and suitable for your pet.

My pet is very ill, can you photograph them ASAP?

Pets in their twilight years and cases of ill health will always be made my top priority. I will do my absolute best to drop everything and be there for you and your pet no matter what.

What can I expect during a photography session?

This will either be early in the morning or late in the afternoon/evening. At the session, I will brief you on specific things to keep in mind, but really the session is just a little adventure with some stops along the way! My primary focus will be on the comfort and ease of your pet. We take breaks to ensure time for cuddles and changing your pet’s focus if needed, I shoot in a very relaxed manner to ensure that you and your pet have a great time.

How long does it take before I see the photos?

Please allow 2-3 couple of weeks for post production and proofing as this is where the magic happens! When they are almost ready, I’ll be in touch to arrange a time for you to view the images and choose your favourites!

How many photos will I see?

This varies hugely depending on the type of animal, its behaviour, age and personality, and the location(s) but it will be approximately between 15-20 images.

What is the difference between a high and low resolution photo?

The resolution of an image means how many pixels it is made up of. A low resolution image has less pixels than a high resolution image, but this doesn’t mean a low resolution is blurry – it just decides on how you can use the image.

The low resolution digital images I provide are for use online/sharing on social media. Phone screens/computer screens have a fixed amount of pixels so I provide low resolution digital images that are optimised for screens which look detailed and sharp to the human eye.

However if you attempt to print a low resolution digital image, then this will look blurry. If you wish to print your own images then you will need a high resolution image which can be purchased along with the usage right. Then you will be able to print your image as large as you want, and as many times as you want!

So essentially,

low resolution = online image

high resolution = printed image